Hello Boston

Hi Friends,
Long time no talk!
I apologize for my lack of posts over the last few months, but my husband and I recently went through a major life change…we relocated from Hoboken, NJ to Boston, MA (my hometown!) for his job. We lived in the NYC area forever and ever (or should I say fahhevaa and evaa?!), so the move was definitely bittersweet. It was hard to leave a place we love so much, but we’re excited for a fresh start in such a great city. Our summer was super busy with apartment searching in Boston, saying goodbye to friends and colleagues in NYC, and moving alllll of our stuff (which is a lot!!) I think my closet alone could have filled up it’s own moving truck. Now that we’re settled in and mostly unpacked, it’s time to get my blog back up and running. With the gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having and the beautiful scenery all around us here in Boston, inspiration will certainly not be difficult. Thanks so much for continuing to follow along.
Here’s to the beginning of a new life chapter!



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